Sunday, 18 December 2011

"When A collection of Brilliant Minds,
Hearts, An Talents
come Together.......  Expect A Masterpiece"

Behold, we know
not, anything;
I come but trust that
good shall fall
At last-far off
at last, to all,
and every winter
to change to spring.

A friend who's always

on time can have a friend
who's always late
a friend who's methodical
can have a friend who
never makes plans,
a friend who always
minded can have
a friend who's light hearted
friends don't have to be
alike, they know
how to enjoy their
difference, this is
true Friendship......

For Someone Very Special And Dear...

R             for       Rose
Rose        for       Red
Red         for       Heart
Heart       for       Love
Love        for      You

I love you like a sweet little friend.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Jeevitham oru rosa chedi mathiri.....

Mullum undu, Poovum undu.
Mullu kandu bhayakkaruthu,
Poovu kandu mayangi veezharuthu.

That is the real life.

Sweet Friend

Far away but always near,
I hold your relationship very clear.....
Ever together but never apart,
You will always be in my heart as my  "Sweet Friend"

Birth is the start of life.

Beauty is the art of life.
Risk is the part of life.


Your relationship is the gift of my life.